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How does it work?

A small example on how this tool is handy


In this example, let's assume you have a successful ecommerce website.

But everyday you face the pain that is to deal with scammers.

You decide to integrate Fail2Scam's API with your website software.

Now Mr John Doe can no longer scam you!

  • New order is placed on your website

    Mr John Doe placed an order with his email address

  • Call Fail2Scam API to verify data
    curl -X POST
        -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
        -d 'key=API_KEY\
    API_KEY - you'll be able to check your API Key in your account
    You can check the API documentation here.
  • Example response from Fail2Scam:
        "valid": false
  • Block the process!

    As the requested email was found flagged on our system, this user is a recurrent scammer and you should stop the process from proceeding!

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